Training & Seminars

C.D.R. Consulting, LLC is dedicated to providing seminars and workshops to improve the basic skills needed for personal and business success. Each of these topics can be custom designed to meet the needs of your organization. The workshop can be conducted in half day or all day sessions depending on your needs.
Our Topics Include:
  • Rebuilding Your Life after Failure
  • Dressed for Success from the Inside Out
  • Life Skills for People in Transition
  • Self Empowerment through Increased Self-Esteem 
  • Women's Issues and Diversity
  • Women: A Journey to Wellness- Mind, Body & Spirit
  • 7 Steps to Making Your Vision a Reality
  • Transitioning from Welfare to Faring Well
  • The Power of a Positive Mind
Cheranissa Roach provides strategic life coaching and professional development for women, small business owners, entrepreneurs, young adults and developing professionals. Your Christian Life Coach will maintain confidentiality, be honest with you, be a supporting and challenging mentor, address behaviors that are hindering your success, expect accountability and be committed to your success.