03-04-2015 9:01:19 AM CST

Victory Today is Mine

Victory is mine, victory is mine
Victory today is mine
I told Satan to get thee behind
Victory today is mine

When I rose this morning
I didn't have no doubt
I knew that the Lord would bring me out

I fell on my knees
Said, "Lord, help me please"
Got up singing and shouting the victory

This song is by Dorothy Norwood, better known in the Gospel world as The Storyteller. It's message is simple. It declares that Victory is mine because of whose I am. As a believer of Christ, I face many obstacles daily, just like everyone else. I am not immune to being hurt, disappointed or depressed. I too can be besieged by negative thoughts, words and feelings created within. However, I have to make a decision. Will I continue to wallow in my feelings of being a victim or will I choose victory? I choose victory! And I hope you will also.

In the beginning of the year, I was given the word "L.I.V.E." and turned it into an acronym. If you have been following the articles then you know what this means, but if this is your first time, here it is:

L- Leave the past in the past
I- Invite the positive and the new journey to begin in your life
V- Victory is yours, you can begin to believe it and live like it
E- Expect the best

We are working on the V for Victory and I want to encourage you to begin to believe that Victory is yours.

When you have a Victorious mindset, things go a little smoother and you can handle obstacles with grace because you know you win. When you have a Victorious mindset, you can stop eating when you are full because you will gain the Victory of self-control and lose the weight. When you have a Victorious mindset, you can apply for that new job or promotion with confidence. When you have a Victorious mindset, you can go after the big client that will take your business to the next level. For as a man thinketh in his heart so is he. (Proverbs 23:7)

Choose what you will believe. Victory or defeat. You can only have one.

My prayer is that you will begin to embrace a Victorious mindset and see battles won and obstacles overcome. I love you and am rooting for your success!

Yours in love,
Coach Char


02-04-2015 4:49:34 PM CST

Invite the Positive

You are cordially invited to the life of your dreams.


How many of you would answer this invitation if you got it?  Wanna hear the good news? This invitation is available to you right now. I hear some of you asking, "But how? I am in debt, I suffer with fear, I can not forgive myself for past mistakes." Here is a little help from my favorite book:
Isaiah 43:18-19
Do not call to mind the former things,
Or ponder things of the past.
“Behold, I will do something new,
Now it will spring forth;
Will you not be aware of it?
I will even make a roadway in the wilderness,
Rivers in the desert.

To make a change and have something better, you must expect that it can be yours. You have to accept that good and positive things can happen to you. Open yourself up to the possibilities that the spouse of your dreams is within reach. The career path or business that you long for is available for you. Good health and wealth can be yours. Peace. love, and joy are your divine inheritance. If you just believe it and open your life up, positive things will come to you.

Yes, it will require work. Yes, it might be uncomfortable at first. Yes, you will have to encourage yourself along the way. BUT the first step is to make a decision. That decision is simple: Believe that you can have better.

  • Begin to imagine the possibilities. Go after your dreams. In some cases you will have to try again. In some cases you will have to go back to where you fell short the last time. Be courageous enough to start over, if that's what it will take.
  • Develop a plan that will help you reach your dreams and then work the plan. The saying is true "the only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary."
  • Check your guest list. Will your next event be a pity party or a celebration? Your thoughts, words, and expectations are sending invitations for things to show up in your life. Invite positive things into our home, your business, your office, and your life.
  • Accept the invitation that was sent to you. You can L.I.V.E. the Life of your Dreams. You can L.I.V.E. your best life now. Say YES!!
Jesus said unto him, If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth. - Mark 9:23

Here's to You!
Coach Char


02-04-2015 4:42:40 PM CST

A Life Worth Living

Toward the end of 2014, I lost one of my good friends from high school. He was like a brother to me. He actually called my mom, Mom. He was talk, dark, and handsome. He was smart, sweet, and funny. But, he also experienced his share of life's troubles due to personal choices. We lost touch a few years after college and we last spoke about 3 years ago. Nevertheless, the tragic loss stung. It brought me face to face with my own mortality.
After much careful thought, I began to wonder am I creating a life worth living or just living my life. You see the difference is very subtle, but powerful. Living my life means that it is haphazard with no real planning or ties to creating any legacy. Creating a life worth living is filled with exuberance and goal setting and accomplishments. It leaves room for a strong legacy for current and future generations to enjoy. It also begs the question, what is our purpose and what are you doing to bring it to fruition? More specifically why do you allow life's challenges to stop you from creating a life worth living?

Fear, doubt, anger, confusion are all things that can derail even the most significant visionary. We must press through it. I have decided that when I struggle with fear I will still move forward, even if I do not have it figured out. I am tired of living with no real life inside, I want to create a life worth living. Full of fun, joy and hard work. A life that blesses others in ways I could never imagine. 
You might be asking, Coach Char how do I create a life worth living? I am glad you asked. (haha) Here are three steps that I think will help you:
1. Believe the best about yourself - The word of God says "I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." (Philippians 4:13) Do you mediate on this verse? Or something that takes away your power? This is truth so believe it.
2. Move past your past - Again, the word of God says "Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert." (Isaiah 43:19)  We have all made mistakes, and will make more, but do not let the events of your past hold you from having a brilliant future.
3. Make a decision and a plan - "And the LORD answered me, and said, Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it." (Habakkuk 2:2) God's word says to write down the vision so that it can be accomplished. When you write out the vision the decision about what to do will become clear.
4. Pray, Pray, Pray - "Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; and the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus." (Philippians 4:6-7) Please remember that you are not in this alone. Our heavenly Father wants to help us and is there waiting to hear from us. It will be okay.

I do believe that my friend lived well. He enjoyed good friends, traveled and attained professional success. I am hoping that I take a cue from his life, and death, in order to create a life worth living.

In Love,
Coach Char


02-04-2015 4:40:27 PM CST


Happy New Year!!!  2015 is here and in full swing.

I am so thankful that many of you are encouraged and enjoy my newsletter. Writing was never something I believed I was good at so this is a stretch for me (sorta kinda). I enjoy offering you words of wisdom and comfort to exalt you and help you move ahead in life. I have been thinking about this first newsletter for the year and what I wanted to tell you. It does not take me long to write once the idea or topic comes, but this time was different. You see this word is personally for me, but being the giving soul that I am, I am going to share it with you. Now that I have your attention what is the word for 2015?? LIVE!
L- Leave the past in the past 
I- Invite the positive and the new journey to begin in your life
V- Victory is yours and you can begin to believe it and live like it and
E- Expect the best

For so long I held on to a mindset that served a few, but not the masses. I saw myself as an ant when in fact, I am a giant. I relived past mistakes and believed that defeat would always be my friend. Thankfully, I began to embrace the fact that my life can be different. I recognized that I can be as big or as small as I envision myself being. 

By changing my mind, changing my language, and changing my vision of who I am, I have already begun to see the manifestation of good things. My intention for 2015 is to LIVE!

Sometimes we get so caught up in life that we forget to LIVE. We forget to celebrate the smallest of progress and enjoy the tiniest of sunshine. We create a habit of focusing on the missteps and the rain and miss the opportunity to LIVE through it. This year I invite you to share my intention. No matter what happens, good or bad, LIVE. Sick or Well, LIVE.

For me this means that I will not downsize me. I will not down play the positive people or experiences that come my way. I will not shrink back when the opportunity comes along. I CHOOSE TO LIVE. 
My question for you, as we venture further into a new year, is what is your word for the year? What will help you LIVE and stop dying to the good things that are supposed to be yours?

If I can help, I would love to. Coaching is my passion and my calling. I would love to help you reach your full potential. Send me an email (cheranissa.roach@gmail.com) letting me know what you will do to LIVE in 2015.


02-04-2015 4:39:17 PM CST

Ordinary Just Won't Do

The Christmas season is one of my favorites. I have always enjoyed the snow and the especially peaceful way most people behave during this time. Coming from a large, loving family we exchange gifts and celebrate the birth of Jesus together. I always look forward to this time of year.

As joyous as Christmas is for me, it can be the exact opposite for others. Some people are lonely and have no family to celebrate with. There are others who are out of work and have no financial means to give gifts. I read that depression and suicide are highest during this time of year. The communal celebration of this season can cause people feel alone. Thankfully, there is a source of hope for those who desire it. A simple touch from the Lord can help get you through this season. It can help change your life and set you up for the best year you have ever experienced. 

Take note of these words from the song Ordinary Just Won't Do by Commissioned:
Have you ever needed someone
A shoulder just to cry on
To ease the agony
And find tranquility
A Sweet and gentle touch
That Speaks of words of love that mean so much
Ordinary just wont do
I need someone my Lord I need someone
That someone is you
That someone is you
I woke up one morning with this song in my spirit and played it for hours because it was a healing balm to my soul. What I have found during the tough times in my life is that the only thing that could help me was a touch from God. That same peace can be yours today. It can help comfort you and restore the hope that life will get better.

In this season of miracles, I pray that you receive a divine miracle that will bless you, restore you, revive you, and position you for a year of prosperity in 2015.
It is my honor and joy to serve you monthly and I wish you a joyous holiday season.

God Bless,
Coach Char


02-04-2015 4:36:54 PM CST

Me, Stevie, and my Bucket List


One of my favorite songs, if not the favorite song, in the whole wide world is "As" by Stevie Wonder. I think he is a genius with a heart of compassion for people. I love his music and have wanted to see him in concert for some time now. My Mary Kay Sales Director had me complete a bucket list a few years ago and on it, I listed seeing Stevie Wonder in concert. I never thought he would tour again and did not know how that would be possible but I wanted to see him nonetheless. One day while on Facebook, I saw the he was doing a concert series. I was so excited by that alone, I missed the fact that he had a stop in Detroit. I was convinced that I would have to go see him in Chicago - 4 hours away. I mean, I love Chicago and I love Stevie, but that is a drive I hoped I could avoid. When I realized he would be in Detroit, my excitement tripled! Everyone knew I was going to see Stevie Wonder in concert. 
The day arrived for us to go to the concert and traffic was terrible! There had to be 40,000 people going to see him, if not more. Even with multiple entrances to the Palace, the traffic was still backed up for an hour. My niece and I hoped that we would get there on time; but sitting in traffic, we were less than optimistic that it could happen. We started to worry and checked our phones to make sure the concert had not started. As God would have it, we walked in and sat down at the same time Stevie sat at the piano.

I have seen Prince, Patti Labelle, Anita Baker, John P. Kee and Fred Hammond in concert. Growing up, my mom immersed my sister and me in developing an appreciation for the arts; but nothing was like this. I found myself looking dreamy-eyed at the jumbo screen and Stevie thinking OMG, I am really here. This is really happening. It is an experience I will never forget.
Having that amazing life experience helped me to understand that after all the mistakes I have made in life, the money spent, heartache, emotional turmoil, I still have what it takes to make my dreams come true. Sure I only had to buy tickets and drive to the concert. But having my dream of seeing Stevie Wonder in concert come true, opened my eyes to a new level of possibilities for me. It restored my confidence in my ability to make my dreams come true and renewed my confidence in myself.

Yes, the other dreams I have will take an investment of time and work. Yes, I will have to invest time and effort to lose weight or change my mindset. Everything requires an investment and work, nothing is free except salvation. Despite the number of times I failed or felt I had failed, I still had the goods to live again and believe that my dreams come true. Crossing something off my bucket list was amazing. I am so thankful for the experience.
I want to encourage you to start a bucket list if you have not already. Those who have, should set aside some time to review their list. Find one item you can do this year. End 2014 with a win! When you lose much, you need a win to reset your life. Stevie was it for me. 
What is something that could be a win for you? A new job, a new home, better health or a fresh relationship? Perhaps being closer to God or ending a negative relationship. Get a jump start on making 2015 the best year of your life. Leap over the fears, self-doubts, and negative voices telling you that you can not do what God says you can do. It might be a struggle. It will take an investment of time and work, but the blessing has always been on the other side of through.
Let's get to the other side together. Send me an email sharing what you plan to do this month to end 2014 with a win. I would love to celebrate you, encourage you, or Coach you along.
As always,

In Love
Coach Char


02-04-2015 4:34:46 PM CST

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Confession time.

Most of my life I have enjoyed speaking. Verbally commanding words has always been my thing and no words were off limits. Yes. Although I love Jesus, at one point in my life I cussed a lot. I will make no excuse for my behavior, as it is probably genetic. My mom and dad, cussers. My uncles, cussers. Not people who cursed, they cussed. I used to work in a prison and man did they cuss!

So what is a girl to do? When in Rome do as the Romans do. Well one day, I heard what I sounded like and thought, are those words coming out of my mouth? Yes they were. So now what was a girl to do? Stop! What else was I going to do? I had to change. I had to go through the process of changing my mind to believe that while they were words I heard frequently, they were inappropriate for me to say. I had to realize that there were better choices I could make when expressing myself. I began to believe that better was possible if I made a better choice.

In all transparency, there are still times when emotions overwhelm me and I release a bad word, but I proudly stand upon the progress I have made. I certainly don't cuss as much as I did and I continue to work to remove the habit completely.

All progress starts with a choice, a conscious decision to change and actions that uphold that decision. The rest will follow. Ask yourself today, what in my life is not serving me? What in my life is causing me to miss the mark? Remind yourself that while change may seem difficult, it is often easier than you believe. 
On Saturday November 22 from 10-12noon I'll be hosting a free workshop on thetopic of changing your mind to change your life. Make a decision today to embrace the process and change for the better.

In Love,
Coach Char


10-21-2014 12:43:44 PM CST

Walk It Out

I recently had to Walk It Out through the end of my Mary Kay year. We worked feverishly to finish some huge, God-sized goals. I included myself in these goals, but waited too long to get started. Due to my personal fears, I created a bad habit of procrastinating; but I am working on breaking that habit.

I was making phone calls and sending text messages fast and furiously and actually got some good responses. I needed 10 people to come into the business and to sell over $1000 by June 30. Yikes!!!! So this is what I did, I broke the goal down, did what I had to do and God did the rest. The uncomfortable part for me was making the phone calls. (Hated it!) But I needed to walk this out for me.

I am working on walking it out so that I can be re-positioned. It is amazing sometimes when we look at ourselves and then ask others how they see us. You see, in my world I know I am the queen, but I see myself as the princess; having access to the power, but not in position yet. Sometimes I feel that my mistakes define me and my insecurities plague me. My fears overwhelm me and I just don’t step up. I forget where God has brought me from and more importantly where He has promised to take me. This time, when faced with the decision to walk it out and move forward or to stand still and not move - I am choose to walk it out. And guess what? While it was frightening, it felt good. I realized that this is what it feels like to have dreams turn into reality.

I offer you this advice, Walk It Out. It may not always work out as you want it to, but all things work together for the good of them that love God and are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28) No matter what, walk it out don’t stop. Keep on walking no matter what.

In Love,
Coach Char

P.S. - Walking it out worked! I am now in the process of becoming a Sales Director with Mary Kay. Just keep walking it out. It will happen if you keep the faith and keep moving.


10-21-2014 12:41:09 PM CST

Living A Double Life

So as a writer who never considered herself a writer, I am inspired by dreams, visions, other people's words as well as the words of God. While on vacation, I awoke with a puzzling thought. I hope it activates you to live authentically.
Waking up on Sunday morning, my first conscious thought was "living a double life." I knew I shouldn't have watched La Femme Nikita right before bed! (For those that do not know, La Femme Nikita is a spy show from the 90's. In it, the main character lived a double life.) Hmmm. Besides the internal check to monitor my viewing habits, what did that mean to me and why did I have it so heavy in my spirit?

In my experience, if you ask him to, God will always confirm his word. That previous Thursday I was speaking with my friend and fellow Coach and she told me that I was frustrated with not living my truth or living an authentic life. We had been discussing a relationship that I have with someone and how we are seemingly at different ends of the spectrum. I expressed that I have no desire to go to their end and they do not seem to want to come to mine. I had been giving them the me that makes them comfortable but not the me that makes me comfortable. Living the lie has frustrated me to no end. This transparent conversation led me to discover that I have been living a double life for a long time. I bet you have too. We have all done this in at least one relationship in our lives.
We talk a good game and can encourage others, believe for miracles in their homes, jobs and lives; but can we do the same for ourselves? Can we cast the same fear and doubt down in our own lives that we do for our best girlfriend or are we living a double life? Powerful in the lives of others and pitiful in your own. (Ouch!)

Today this is your wake up call, and mine too. We all have gifts and talents that are designed to enrich the lives of others, including our own, but we often fail to pursue them completely because fear, doubt, insecurity, lack of money, lack of time, whatever the reason, something presents itself. Believe it or not those will always be reasons to not do something. Wanna know the good news? They are also the reasons to pursue your dreams. Living a double life is serious business and tiring and stressful. You must remember that you are both powerful and pitiful at the same time when encouraging others but discouraging yourself. 

So how can you move from this life to the one of your dreams? 
  • Simply remembering that there is more inside of you to reach your dreams then there is outside of you to keep you stuck
  • Believe in yourself and the power of God to help you overcome yourself
  • Create a support system of people who will encourage and support you
  • Begin again, intelligently, by having a plan in place
  • Pray and ask for help from your Creator to see you as he sees you and to guide you on the path he has for you
I give you my word that today, I am taking the steps to lead the life I was born to live free from drama, full of joy and in abundance of God's goodness. Will you join me?

In Love,
Coach Char


10-21-2014 12:37:33 PM CST

Let It Go

Often times we are faced with life that has been different than what we dreamed and planned. Maybe you weigh a little more than you did 10 years ago, maybe you wear glasses or perhaps you experienced divorce. You may be a little broken or changed by life lessons. You may find that you have overcome the situation but you still are holding on to the emotions that are associated with the event. Here is my advice: Let It Go.  

Your spouse has deserted you, you're feeling alone and upset. Let it go! You are downsized by a company you gave 30 years of your life to. Let it go! You fought Cancer and won, but your hair did not come back. Let it go!

Coach Char, it is not that easy. Yes it is.... if you believe it is.

"Forgetting those things that are behind and reaching forth unto those things which are before, I press for the mark for the prize of the high calling in Jesus"
(Philippians 3:13-14)

Continuing to carry the negative emotions will keep you stuck in an emotional prison. If you never let it go, you will never get the new thing God is waiting to give you. Understand, He is often waiting for us. Maya Angelou said "I've learned that you shouldn't go through life with a catcher's mitt on both hands; you need to be able to throw something back."

Please know that there are opportunities waiting for you. The mate of your dreams is waiting for you. The business or career you always wanted is within reach. The peace you lost in the chaos is waiting to re-enter your life. The joy you shoved away while you grieved is ready to surround you again. Holding on to the fear, insecurity, anger and other negative emotions will keep you stuck and paralyzed. The next time you want to move forward, know that you can.

In Love,
Coach Char


10-21-2014 11:06:44 AM CST

Don't Give Up

Hello all,

I want to infuse some encouragement into your day today with this simple message of the little engine that could. You all remember the story right?

The engine saw itself as small and not quite as physically able to complete the task. But, he believed that maybe, just maybe, he could. Remember he said I think I can, I think I can all the while chugging along. Have you ever faced odds that seemed like you would not be able to overcome them? Perhaps a difficult relationship, a dead-end job, a debilitating illness, or financial troubles. In this life, we all experience difficult times. But it is what you tell yourself in these times that determines your fate.

Do you say 'oh well I messed up' or 'it is not what God intended for me' all the while your gut is saying 'nope that is not the truth'? Do you ever think of telling yourself, 'I think I can, I think I can' until you do? Why or why not? Our words have power and our thoughts are the beginning of our words. Begin to make a conscious effort to watch your words, not just toward others, but toward yourself as well. You are living proof of everything you have believed and said to yourself. Wanna change your life, change your words; mentally and verbally. 
By repeating 'I think I can, I think I can', the little engine did! To walk into your destiny, what will you tell yourself today?

"Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character; it becomes your destiny."

― Lao Tzu


08-24-2014 7:31:59 PM CST

It's Your Time to Rise

I do enjoy positive lyrics and today’s selection from Kelly Price is no exception. In the song entitled, “It’s my Time” Kelly tells us:

It’s my time to rise, it’s my time to shine 
It’s my time to live , it’s my time to fly 
It’s my time, it’s my time, it’s my time, 

Today I just want to encourage you that it is your time to rise. Rise up from depression, fear and doubt. Time to rise up to the standard for which God has called you. Rise to become a successful business owner, a successful life partner, a successful and healthy YOU! It is time to move forward from the bad and step squarely into the good.

Coach Char, what are you talking about? I'm so glad you asked. For the past several years, I have been a Life Coach searching for clients. I told myself that I do not know where to look or how to market my business. The twist is that by day I am a Business Consultant who helps people launch small businesses. Daily, I help with marketing, sales and customer relations. How come I can help them and not me? Simple, I did not see that I could actually do what I wanted to do. I suffered from doubt, depression and fear. I believed that my life had to perfect in order to move forward. Thank God, I recently realized that life will never be perfect; but I can move on to my destiny anyway. I started to reach out and market my business with the hopes of serving others through my speaking, coaching and writing.

And do you know what it feels like? It’s my time to Rise! I have not given myself an excuse to fail or stop as I have done in the past. I am actually reaching out to the entities that may need my services with the mindset that maybe just maybe, they will want to contract me or tell me how to improve what I offer so that I can work with them in the future. I have learned that a closed mouth does not get fed and I am hungry. I am hungry for change and hungry to rise up to my anointed position.

So now I ask you... is it your time to rise or will you sit another day waiting for the perfect conditions to line up in your life before allowing yourself to rise? Sister/ Brother, let me tell you that this does not exist in an imperfect world. So take what you have been given, pray for direction and Work It!!! Cause it’s your time to Rise!!! 


08-24-2014 7:30:27 PM CST

Seeing is Not Always Believing

As speaker, I enjoy listening to words so I am a huge Rap Fan. (Surprise!) Truthfully, I don't enjoy much of today's rap, but I do love old school rap. I will start today's share with some words by Public Enemy.

You are blind Baby, You are Blind to the facts of who you are because you watch channel zero. 
This song is about a woman who only sees herself through the eyes of the media. She ignores her boyfriend, her children and everything else just to be entertained by the television shows she watches. What she is watching deletes her character and makes her of no effect. Hmm.... Could some of us be in a similar situation? Are we also blind to the facts of who we are because we are viewing an incomplete or unrealistic picture of our lives?

Allow me to share some examples. Perhaps you've recently been fired, it may leave you feeling like a failure. Feeling unsuccessful clouds your view of the invitation to start your own business. Single or Divorced? Focus on your loneliness and you may miss the cute mail man or Deacon at church who has been trying to capture your attention. Okay how about this negative channel: Doubt & Fear. Despite the clear vision you have been given, you think to yourself "I could never be that bold." Are these or similar thoughts running repeatedly across the TV screen in your mind and holding you prisoner? Allow me to inform you in order to empower you: You are blind, Baby!
The truth is everyone comes into this world with a purpose. Mine is to encourage, edify and uplift women to live their best lives. I do it through Writing, Coaching and Speaking. I love all of these and, thankfully, have found success. But I used to be blind to the fact that I could do them at all. There was a time when I saw myself as a child whose dad didn't think she was good enough so he was never around. I saw myself as unattractive because I of my darker skin tone. I saw myself as smart but never worked hard enough to let my grades show the depth of my intelligence. I saw myself as not good enough so I simply did not work for success. I was watching my own Channel Zero.

What changed? One day I got fuzz on that station and God changed my channel. He switched my station so I could see the me, He created me to be. Now, I write, I speak and I coach to all that will have me. I tuned in to the right news feed. The one that lets me know I am intelligent; I am a beautiful creation of God; and I am a Gorgeous, Black Woman. Yep, I see who I am and, more importantly, Whose I am! My Father in Heaven loves me more than I will ever know and keeps changing my channel so I will always see who I am as I evolve.  

My question for you today is what channel have you been tuned in to? If your answer is Channel Zero, I encourage you to turn it off and watch something else. You are brilliant, bold and beautiful. You have what you need to be your best self right now. Tune in to God's news feed concerning you.
I wish you love, peace and the recognition that you have the ability to change your channel right now.


08-24-2014 7:18:21 PM CST
Permission Granted
Don't Pass Me By Fred Hammond
(Verse 1)
There was a blind man on the road side, and he
heard a commotion 
It was Jesus passing by with a crowd and it stirred his emotions 
He'd been displaced his whole life, should he even try

They said:
Don't bother Jesus (they say you have nothing)
You have nothing to offer (stay in your place)
Right then he knew (he had to choose)
He had nothing to lose
This is indeed one of my Favorite songs. One of the sentiments I get from this is that we believe we need permission to move forward. But from whom? I had personally been a in a pit for so long that the view from down there became satisfying. I longed for a better day, more peace and to live at my full potential. Instead I listened to the crowd, which is in my case was my own mind. The doubts and fears I focused on became strongholds. I felt displaced from my best self and all the positive qualities that had been mine since birth. I felt my insecurities and misgivings about my own destiny were too much to bother Jesus about. As a Christian, I know nothing is impossible with God, yet I waited for someone to agree with me or give me permission to believe that on a deeper level.

Have you ever been there? You have information or insight that can move your life forward in a positive direction, the very direction in which you desire to go, yet you wait for someone to agree with you and affirm what you already know to be true. I believe that we all have been in that place in our lives. Guess what? You already have permission to move forward. You are a new creation and old things have passed away. There is a new life waiting to be lived and you only need to allow yourself to live it.

I needed to give myself permission to move forward knowing that I have nothing to lose but everything to gain. So I granted myself the permission to change and to begin to live again. And you know what? It feels good!!

Permission has already been granted because you are alive today. Do not waste it on pity, fear or doubt; I know I am not. Join me in living and begin to live your best life now!


03-18-2014 9:25:53 AM CST

Be You!


There was a little girl who was different. She did not dress like others or even talk like the other children. There was something unique about her. Bright, beautiful, bold. She dared to be different. She dared to be herself.


In life our parents teach us to be ourselves. My mom used to say if you have to change that you are to be someone’s friend, and then they are really not your friends.


As we age, we often take on more titles and more roles. Wife, mother, Manager, Group Leader. We often find our identity in being what that role is. We lose sight our truest most intimate personal beliefs about self. Before you can reach any goal, you must be able to identify what is important to you.


We find so much power in being our authentic self that nothing can stop us from reaching our goals if we just try to be us. We are constantly bombarded with media that says we need to buy this product to be better or like the model used in the advertisement. Or we will feel better if we do this again a gimmick used to get your money. But the subliminal message is that you are not valued just as you are, you need an improvement.


I want to encourage you tonight to be you. The real you and that starts with the question who are you. At the core of our goals is the desire to express the “real you” but who is that. Among our many roles we become lost in the title but is that really you. In business, you must be passionate about what it is you want to do and if you are not then you may have a hard time getting through the tough days that are possible with business. Being true to your passions and desires, which are apart of you, will help you persevere. I have a saying that without passion, it ain’t possible, and that is true for so many things.


Spend some time thinking of who you are. Write down whatever comes to mind. How does it feel? Are these things really you? Did you see a dream die that you want to resurrect? With the truth of who you really are, move forward. Launch that dream. Did you see a relationship that no longer serves you? Good, cut it loose. The point is once you see who you really are you have the power to move forward so launch your new life with P.A.S.S.I.O.N. 


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We will discover together how to launch with P.A.S.S.I.O.N. and help you live the life of your dreams.


02-07-2014 12:25:21 PM CST

Driving Your Life Purpose


People live to exist and with existence comes purpose. It is that one inevitable thing that everyone yearns for. It is usually the only thing that is left missing in a lot of people’s lives–they have not discovered their purpose.

You may think that finding that sole purpose is impossible. If that’s the case, let’s examine some ways to find what you are looking for… if you look in the right places. It’s not always easy to discern our purpose, but it is possible and having a life coach is a great help.


Defining Roles

Connecting with a life coach will allow you to sort out your life and seek your purpose. It won’t be your coach who will find it, of course, it would be you, because you are the only one capable of doing that; but your coach will guide you through the process to see a clearer perspective of things.


No Arrows To Lead You

Sometimes you may feel that you are ‘stuck in a rut’. You perform daily tasks and activities out of routine. There’s a big intersection ahead of you and you don’t know which direction to pursue.

In situations like these, your coach would be your guiding path. She would let you see the different routes you can take, the pros and cons of each direction and your means of going through that path.


When Everything Gets Stuck

In some moments you can feel temporarily unsuccessful. When all action steps have been completed yet there is no feeling of contentment or fulfillment at all. When you are unsure what to do next, your coach will be the one to show you the extra step needed to find what you are looking for.


Being Who You Really Are

Purpose is not dictated by the things that you do. Rather, it was placed in our system from the day we are born. Sadly, factors outside of ourselves can cause us to lose sight of our purpose. Factors such as family, peers, culture, academic environments and media influences can make us unable to find our inner motivation.

When working with your life coach, you will honestly appraise your life and see what factors are overshadowing that purpose in you. In the process you get to know your authentic self. In time, you will have revealed your beliefs, joys, areas of compassion and driving force (passion). It can be a scary process but in the end this enlightenment will motivate you like nothing else can.

Through a successful life coaching experience, your inner dreams and real desires in life will be revealed. A new layout of your life will be formed and the joy of living will be restored. The excitement that was lost would be found and you can start existing the way you were meant to!


01-22-2014 1:11:13 PM CST

Let's Talk About Passion

Once you find your purpose, you can use passion to help you make your dreams come true. If purpose is the thing you want, passion is what gets you there. Passion helps you accomplish your goal. It is the fire that moves you forward. So what is passion, you ask. Listen to this story and decide for yourself.

Janice was an Accountant who was good with numbers all of her life. After High School, she went to College and majored in Accounting. After college, she worked at a local accounting office and was a good accountant. After a few years on the job, she began to turn in work with errors, came in late and just didn’t seem to be “with it”. After seeing a Life Coach, she discovered that she was working in her purpose but not with passion. Her fire was gone and so was her work ethic, joy and happiness. She discovered that while she was good at the work, her passion for the work was gone and she needed to find it.

Her Coach asked her why she got into this line of work. She said to help people and companies keep track of money. She had always loved numbers and was good at the work but lately something was off.  When her Coach asked her for more information about her career, Janice discovered that the conditions in her office and type of work had changed and so did her passion for the work. No longer did she enjoy it as she had before. To help her get refocused, her Coach told her to write down what she liked best about her job and what gave her a smile. That was easy, Janice thought, and wrote the list with no hesitation. When she looked at the list, she found that most of the things on the list were things she either no longer did or wanted to do but did not. Her Coach then asked her if this is really what she wanted to do. That took a little longer but yes was her answer. Next they discussed what it would take to get her motivated again. Janice began to feel a sense of relief and an elation that she had not felt in a while. It was nice to rediscover that while she was good at the work, the changes had affected her passion for the work. After some more time with her Life Coach, Janice’s passion for the work returned and she was as efficient as ever.  

If you can relate to Janice's journey of rediscovering her passion, here are some tips that will help you:

1.         Write down the reason for doing something. For example, at work why did you choose this job?

2.         What gives you a smile about the career you are in?

3.         Ask yourself, and answer honestly, do you really enjoy this position?

4.         What will it take for you to become passionate again about this position?

These questions will allow you to understand where your passion is and how to use it for your good. If you cannot answer these questions on your own, follow Janice’s leading and get a Life Coach. They are trained to help people overcome the obstacles that stand in their way to success. They will hold you accountable and help you create a plan to help you find your purpose and live it with passion.


Blog Credit: 2013 Sistah Magazine; Celeste Tolliver Kelly, Publisher