What is C.D.R. Consulting? (change/direction/results)

We are an organization dedicated to helping others reach their full potential. Our mission is to assist people with personal development and life management by providing spiritual, mental, emotional and physical empowerment. We help them excel in their everyday lives by providing the training, coaching and the motivation needed to succeed in business and in life.
Cheranissa's Areas Of Expertise Include:
  • Coaching
  • Life Skills for Women in Transition
  • Management and Employee Development
  • Women’s Issues
  • Christian Life Principles for business and personal development 
We are located in Southeastern Michigan and offer empowerment coaching to women worldwide.
What we do:
We offer empowerment coaching programs for women. Women work with us to move through fear, low self-esteem, and a negative mindset. We help you overcome the obstacles that have prevented you from living the life of your dreams. Our clients have changed their lives, launched new careers, expanded their businesses and have created fulfilling lives.
We work with:
  • Working mothers who fear that the having it all is not worth the price.
  • Single mothers who are overwhelmed with responsibility, finances and want to find another person to share their life.
  • Career women who can't find the time to maintain the home, children and spouse.
  • Wives who are married to workaholics and wonder what to do with all of the time that they are alone.
  • Women who are burned out, stressed out, confused and want to have a better tomorrow, today.

How we do it:

We offer coaching via the internet, telephone and in person as well as seminars and workshops at your desired location.